City University Webmail Service

If you receive an email message asking you to confirm your account details
then DO NOT REPLY to it. These messages are sent by criminals who want
to use your email account to send spam. You should never reveal your password
to anyone, this includes friends, collegues or University Staff.


Account Migration to Office 365 / Exchange
After many years of service, the end is nigh for the unix webmail system. Over the last year the vast majority of email accounts have been migrated to Exchange and Office 365. The last batch of accounts to be migrated over will take place during the evening of 10th February 2014. If you have been using this system up until now, your mail will now be delivered to Office 365, and you should access your email via No new email will be delivered to this system.
This system will remain running for the time being to allow access to old emails archived on this system, and to allow for you to copy / migrate your email to Office 365, for more information or help, please contact the IT Service Desk either via extension 8181, or via the web at who will be happy to help you migrate to Exchange and Outweb

Having Problems Logging On / No Email in Your Inbox?

Students new to City University this year (2008-2009) now have their mailboxes hosted on our Exchange system, and should login to their webmail via Outlook Web Access (OWA) at the following link City Outweb. Returning students should carry on using their existing webmail.

Some departments have made special arrangements for access to email. Such departments will have notified you seperately in this case. Please contact your departments support staff in the first instance about these services.

If you are still having problems, then please contact the Information Services Service Desk


Students are reminded that any activity which might be construed as spamming is strictly forbidden. Students who spam will have their accounts suspended. You should seek advice from the IT Service Desk if you are in any doubt as to the legitimacy of any mail activity.